Satellite orbiting earth, with solar panels extended on either side, against a backdrop of clouds and the blue curve of the planet's atmosphere.




SERA will be giving its members the opportunity to propose and select the science experiments the crew will perform while in space. All submissions will be curated by partner space agencies and research institutions, with the final selection made by SERA members.

There will be three areas of experimentation:

Cellular Biology

Autonomous experiments exploring the effects of microgravity on biological cell structures

Fluid Dynamics

Astronaut-tended experiments exploring new ways to experiment with fluids in space

Human Physiology

Wearable, sensor-based experiments examining the effects of suborbital flight on the human body

Sera AI

Members will have access to a platform where they can learn about microgravity research, gain access to experts in the field, and submit proposals. This platform includes a generative AI model to support all aspects of proposal development.


Function as a knowledge disseminator to introduce the fundamentals of microgravity research to a non-expert audience.


Be trained on each experiment’s parameters, themes, and background materials to provide guidance and iterative feedback on proposals.


Be trained on best practice program management handbooks to enhance proposal structure and planning.