Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket launch at dusk, with vibrant clouds of exhaust and a clear sky



Our First Mission

In June 2022, Victor Hespanha, a 28-year old civil engineer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was selected from the SERA community to travel to space onboard Blue Origin’s 21st New Shepard mission. He became the second Brazilian astronaut and a national hero.

The mission’s success of this Mission opened the door to a new partnership with Blue Origin, and the launch of a new human spaceflight program.

Victor now works for SERA full-time as a science communicator, business development lead for South America, and a beacon of Brazil’s new space economy.

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Our Next Mission

A person in a blue flight suit looks out a spacecraft window at the earth's curvature.

SERA has partnered with Blue Origin to develop a human spaceflight program to provide the opportunity for everyday citizens from around the world to become astronauts and participate in space science.

SERA has reserved six seats on an upcoming New Shepard flight. Six individuals will become astronauts, some will be their nation’s first.