A Space Agency for Everyone

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Over 80% of all astronauts have come from just 3 nations

We are changing that

OUR NEXT MISSION is about making space accessible to everyone


The missions

Victor Hespanha embracing his wife in front of a Blue Origin space capsule in a desert landscape.

We’ve done this before

In June 2022, Victor Hespanha traveled to space onboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket to become SERA’s first astronaut.

And we’re doing it again

SERA has extended its partnership with Blue Origin to develop a new human spaceflight program for communities that have historically lacked access to space.

For our next Mission, SERA has reserved six seats on an upcoming New Shepard launch.

Sera AI in action

Hello, I’m sera


The Research

SERA has created a platform for the public can learn about microgravity research, propose their own science experiments, and vote for which will be performed by the astronauts on the flight.

about us

SERA’s mission is to create a space agency for everyone by building a global community dedicated to space exploration and research.